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Green dark aqua, 15ml Colorini

  • Green dark aqua, 15ml Colorini (0 Customer Reviews)
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Enough for ~ 100-140 tattoos. Not suitable for children under 3. Sold perferably in groups of 12 for reasons of safe shipping. Can be packed with 15ml glue or empty bottles. All colors are Alcohol based. Some colors will separate when not in use. ֲ To get the best application shake the product well before each use - see Shaking Instructions for more details. Some colors are condensed and we would recommend mixing with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts Colourini 10-25%. The product can be removed with rubbing alcohol but will also fade away within a couple of days if left. May stain clothing and fabrics. To be applied by a competent person, not suitable for under 3's, sensitive skin / areas and not advised above shoulder height. Developed using some FDA approved ingredients.

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